Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is going on with the United States and Politics at Large?

So really, what's going on?

I'm looking at the Unites States and thinking just how stupid and corrupt the whole thing is. It just seems to me as if they've been so subverted by special interests that the corporations have convinced Washington that huge, massively profitable, corporations not only shouldn't pay taxes, but should also be payed money by the government! This is of course insane, they've been in debt for a very very long time, and the companies are just going about their business, sucking up as much money as possible for their management teams and investors. 

It's just like Enron, which just inflated itself with lies and proceeded to suck up money until it burst. The funny part is if these companies were not crazy, they might just have been able to balance profit, and oh let's say, keeping their company alive? 

And now it's happened to the US economy. The entire US economy was played over and over again, with every politician in Washington opening up everything for the bankers, and now the entire economy has collapsed. It's a shame that the people in power are so stupid they can't see that sticking a tap in a barrel will eventually lead to it becoming empty if they don't do something to fill it up again. 

I guess sometimes you just might walk into a room full of money, with no one watching, and all you think about is stuffing your pockets with as much cash as possible before you either die or get caught. Of course, you'd have politicians there with you, to keep you company.



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