Monday, May 3, 2010

Steve Ballmer is Full of Shit

I find it really funny when corporations make statements and people have commentary for/against. I realize I'm doing it right now, let's not get meta.

But what I'm getting at is when people like Steven Ballmer makes some comment about a competitors release. Everyone feels the need to speed it around the internet maybe attaching some commentary. "Steve Ballmer doesn't think the iPad will be successful." First of all, he's full of shit, second of all, he knows it... Thirdly I think he has Down's Syndrome and uses his retard strength to intimidate people.

Anyways, the fact is, that as a CEO, Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs and the CEO of Adobe (who cares) practically have a legal mandate to make these kinds of statements. You can't talk about what a competitor is doing without making sure to say it's shit. It might run the gamut of poor or okay to shit, but really the last thing you need to tell your shareholders, employees and partners is that the other guy even makes something that's fungible to you.

Even if MS isn't in the pad computer business, they can't even say Apple is the okay solution until the amazing Windows 7 pad comes out. It just can't happen. I wouldn't be surprised if there were lawsuits by investors if Ballmer let it show that they were caught of guard or admitting they are the top.

The fact is the question will come, CEOs give interviews and mandatory shareholder phone meetings. People are going to ask, and they'll have to spin it. On the exterior it looks like it's just for the fan boys. People who just can't stop loving the Zune and everything MS, or Acrobat, Flash and everything Adobe (I don't need to go over the Apple touch stones do I?). But fan boys always pick up on this shit, taking Ballmer at his word.

I suppose if you were a shareholder, you're really trying to determine if the company is getting the job done. Something like MS, with twice as many employees as Apple, who produce only software... Maybe should have been better prepared, at least when it came time to make a statement.

Steve Ballmer is famous for saying the iPhone will fail and that Windows already dominates the smart phone business. He's a jackass, but you can't really believe everything coming out of a giant man-child's mouth, as he runs around screaming can you.

I apologize for that last sentence, I don't like it when writers spice up their writing with too much artistic licence ... But he is


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