Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An interesting article from Adobe CTO, but still missing the point. He complains that Apple's strategy is counter the web where there is platform agnostic coding that works on every platform. Apple is apparently not open about their technologies. The part he's missing is that the App store is never the web, and was never the web.

Apple is open about the web, with WebKit and everything else. It's flash playing directly on the device that they don't like. They want Flash to work on mobile safari, which it just can't (there is no existing device that can run flash on a mobile). So they want to just compile directly to a iPhone app. Well an App never was the web, so they're basically trying to taint the argument as if everything should be like the web. So I don't see how Apples approach is any different than any other mobile device maker.

Now how is this any different than maybe if someone wanted to do practically anything with a pdf.


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