Thursday, May 20, 2010

I think the tea party has been an indication that the secret-racists of America are now a viable "market" for politicians to try and capture. People like Rand Paul are so very careful to walk the line between outright racism and the wink to the all of bigots that he's sure to turn his back on whatever crazy direction they go in.

Why is it somehow okay for politicians to act this way? I never understood how Sarah Palin every got away with her avoidance of position, her avoidance of argument. These types of politicians survive on the constant avoidance of actual opinion. They work very hard at trying at hitting the words "freedom" and try to hit all the buttons while still never saying anything.

The very sad part is that Rand Paul is actually an HONEST politician. Instead of lying like a lot of them he instead never makes a promise he's sure to betray. I don't know how this discussion arose with him, but the fact that he so carefully leaves the open the fact that segregation SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO PRIVATE BUSINESS betrays his intentions.

It's so sad that there really isn't a career politician who can out and actually say what should be done and what is wrong. Ron Paul is an interesting character because he does just that. Gore maybe as well. But the fact is that there is a lot of politicians who really aren't interested in letting you know what you're buying. Vote for me, not my promises, not my ideas, not my arguments.

Rand Paul is not going to be a collaborator or a confronter in the senate. He'll be a lame-duck who will vote with the corporate concern, party concern, or maybe if he wants to be re-elected the backwater secret racists who keep him in office.

This reminds me of a story that I heard where americans in the south were not referring to blacks as "Canadians". This is somewhat funny since I'm Canadian, but it goes to show how underground racism has become in America.

Steve Jobs has said that for the original personal computer they had a problem because no one could type. Then they realized that problem would be solved, those people are dying. It's kind of funny because I remember when I was in school we did have typing classes, and I thought I'd never learn and I never understood why it would be important anyway. By the end of high school I was of course typing like an expert.

So let's hope that the morbid obesity epidemic dove-tails with the racists and the bigots.


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