Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bill Gates POV in regards to email is not naively utopian. It's full-blown autism. Good luck on hermetically sealing yourself away Bill. Face to face conversations are one of the highest and most efficient ways to communicate. Anyone who asked two questions in an email and only received an answer to one in the reply knows this. Bill Gates has never been much of a visionary. MS has mostly played catch-up for the last 15 years and usually leverage their existing power/partnerships to get market-share. With Steve Ballmer this is practically institutionalized. MS is practically a producer of knock offs at this point, but for the same price of course.

MS works like a hard-nosed business, not a technology company or a startup. They don't have anyone on the street who and the only thing they want to do is move units and to try and re-can and rebrand the same sauce with the fewest modifications possible.

Everything is a marketing problem to them.


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