Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This article by Issendai about disaster mode and getting sucked into an organization/relashionship is interesting.

Eventually you're so crazy that you can't interact with anyone who isn't equally crazy. Normal people have either fled, or told you once too often that you're being stupid and you need to leave. So now you've lost all your reality checks. You're surrounded by people who also live in the crazy and can't see a way out. You spend your time telling one another that it's too bad, but that's how it is, there's no fixing it, and everything will get better when ______ happens. If anyone does get a little better and says, “Hey, guys, this is crazy, we can all stop now,” they've become a stuck cog in the machine. They quickly realize that there's nothing they can do, and they pull out, leaving you alone with your crazy friends.
In terms of an organization, I think I can add one small piece. When you're in a diseased organization, you eventually lose all your motivation and wonder if you could ever regain it, even if you leave. Your self confidence is low and you feel like you've fallen behind in the field. No one else will take you!


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